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The investigation takes its point of departure in the Royal Ordinances which regulated church-building during the period — and how the bishops in the Dioceses of Strängnäs and Växjö, respectively, used these Ordinances to restructure and rationalize the parochial landscape, i. Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences. By using different geographical sources and methods such as spatial distribution of ancient remains and place-names, analysis of cadastral maps and written sources and pollen analysis a chronology has been established. However, the creation and reproduction of status is not only upheld by the operators of the hotels but is also a joint effort of actors in the local community. Svårigheter som vanligen uppstår är anknutna till använd metod utöver de ovannämnda faktorerna. Uppsatsens teorier består av Actor-network theory samt samverkan.

Vidare har kvalitativa intervjuer genomförts för att skapa förståelse för föräldrarnas upplevelser och åsikter på djupet.

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A single map projection cannot ensure that all of the intuitive features of Euclidean geometry, such as angles, relative distances, and relative areas, are the same on the map and in reality. Meagher, Kate et al. The theory is that gentrification is an effect of regeneration, and may be perceived as positive or negative to a different degree. Flagship buildings are promoted as a good strategy to stimulate economic development. Det resultatet överensstämmer inte med den bild som informanterna eller den kompletterande statistiken presenterar. Läsåret har börjat och vi, GymnasieGuidens medarbetare, vill hälsa dig varmt välkommen


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