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Bloggat om The Asshole Survival Guide. Honestly the reason things are going so well for this conversation is because everybody on here seems willing to listen to everybody elses point. Curious - my biggest problem with Denna is how she's so idolized by Kvothe. Male or female, it doesn't matter - just look at Bast, who clearly is seducing all the women in the town using his similar Fae nature. I don't think it's sexism, necessarily, but perspective based on your sex and maybe some projection, which absolutely makes sense. You really knew what you were talking about though. Denna is not a high class prostitute.

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We also have to remember Kvothe is telling the story.

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To me most of it boils down to a few reasons:. And there's probably non-sexist reasons as well. Thank goodness Bob Sutton has provided us with such a well-crafted guide for surviving these jerks. He set out to kill as many women as he could, starting with wanting to go into a sorority house and kill all the women inside. No names shall be mentioned -- Tom Peters, co-author of the international bestseller 'In Search of Excellence' One of the biggest impediments to achieving a great workplace is assholes.

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