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The survey found A larger gap results in higher spark energy, but the ignition system must be powerful enough not to cause misfires. Four new combustion chambers were designed, to generate high turbulence and hence a fast combustion. Women revealed Tabletop was the position they wanted to try, along with Kneeling Wheelbarrow and 69 Standing. Load and efficiency were reduced with the retarded ignition timing.

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The piston-geometry with the highest turbulence was more tolerant for highly diluted mixtures in terms of engine stability, which is favorable for lean burn operation or high amounts of EGR at stoichiometric operation.

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Please use this url to cite or link to this publication: The HC and CO emissions were also lower than at maximum brake torque ignition MBT due to higher temperatures during expansion and exhaust, leading to more post-oxidation. Late ignition timing, high boost pressure and lean mixture led to the need for a small spark gap in order to avoid misfires with the original ignition system. Cylinder-individual control of fuel injection and ion-current measurements in all six cylinders made it possible to adapt port fuel-injection and cylinder balancing. The UK, Germany, Italy, America and Portugal all said Tabletop was the one they wanted to try the most, while Austria and Switzerland overwhelmingly wanted to try anal. The original ignition settings were retarded to suppress NOX formation.

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