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Jacob has "striven with Elohim and prevailed" Wolfgang Iser11 and others have made a great deal of the fact that the reading process is one subtly guided by the author but inviting the reader to share in the co-creation of the text. Though the impregnation is due simply to the wife receiving sperm from a non-sterile male, the husband is allowed to save face by the standard pretense that it is the wife's fault and that the shaman is applying supernatural power, not mere male virility, to the case. I mean, you're engaged, aren't you? Why is Esau so conciliatory? I have in mind the brilliant book by anthropologist M. Mark posits no link between the two men, Jesus being merely another face in the crowd, in the line of seekers awaiting baptism.

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He sleeps with the woman, who becomes pregnant, demonstrating that the problem all along was with the husband, not the wife. Wouldn't it presumably have been known to the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews, who goes to such great lengths to provide Jesus the imaginary credentials of the Melchizedek priesthood? Three considerations might make us initially reluctant to take Reverend Moon's hypothesis as I will call it, though I understand he does not offer it as such; rather apodictically, in prophetic fashion as the fact of the matter. The oracle of Yahve assures her that this denotes her sons will beget two nations whose mutual strife will be perpetual. Perhaps she undertook the visit to compare notes and to pay her respects. Nothing is said of his having begun to doubt a messiahship in which he had once believed, say as young as a fetus jumping in the womb to attest his divine cousin's greater glory Luke 1:

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